Today: Friday, May 24, 2019

The new issue of "Mehshekan magazine" was released

Mehshekan: The fifth issue of "Mehshekan magazine" was published and released and its digital version is accessible in this site.

Mehshekan is the first magazine in the field of various vehicles spare parts (light, heavy, road construction and agriculture) that has begun its publication for about one year ago and through its professional and impartial approach has been able to reach an acceptable place among the specialized journals in this short time.

In the fifth issue, various subjects have been published; including a special and very interesting and readable interview with Asghar Ghandchi, founder of the truck industry in Iran. This is the first time that he has been talking to a media after the Islamic revolution.

Another important and interesting part of this issue is our interview with "Kıvanç Arman", Automotive Aftermarket Regional Director of Bosch in Turkey, Iran and the Middle East. In his interview, Arman has given a fascinating insight of the entry of this well-known brand in the Iranian market.

Time of publication of the new issue of the magazine is coincided with the 12th International Exhibition of Automobile spare Parts and Supplies, and so it has provided a detailed report about the phenomenon of counterfeit car accessories and spare parts in the market.

In addition to above mentioned subjects, Fifth Edition of "Mehshekan magazine" is full of useful information about parts and technical points, especially for the cold season, as well as various, relevant and readable materials that provide useful information to the readers.

"Mehshekan magazine" is accessible and you can visit the magazine's website to subscribe to its paper version and become a member of this magazine by filling out the subscription form.

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