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Spare parts producers’ duty is unclear

Mehshekan: The Indus trial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO) emphasis on local 40 percent share of spare parts producing in Iran with French car makers; “Peugeot and Renault”, shows the importance of spare parts producing in this segment of production process and its situation in developing auto industry in Iran.  

The ques‌tion is how these spare parts sharing and mutual agreement in producing cars with French companies is scheduled while spare parts producers have many problems including; lack of cash money and a lot of debts. It has been heard that “Peugeot” officials are not interes‌ted in sharing with Iranian spare parts producers because of the low quality of their products. Meanwhile Renault Company that was in Iran earlier than Peugeot has indirectly announced that they are eager to sell their spare parts to Iran rather than using Iranian parts.  In fact Iran’s spare parts producing industry needs a serious and essential evolution to be able to improve its rank and products with the help and support of state officials. More than half of the 1000 spare parts producers in the country use old and out of date machineries in production chain, so, they can’t produce spare parts in world standard levels. In addition to this; most of the raw materials used to make spare parts do not have appropriate quality and many of the producers can only produce spare parts in small number and volumes. Foreign partners of Iranian car makers know this very clearly and that is why they only agreed to use 14 percent of local spare parts like tire, car glasses and decorative parts which are produced in Iran, because these kinds of parts do not need much investment. On the other hand, Iranian spare parts producers do not know much about the details of mutual contracts between French and Iran car makers and so they are not sure and do not know what kind of  spare parts to produce. So, it is very urgent to inform the spare parts producers who are supposed to participate in mutual car making projects to reconstruct or rebuild their machineries. Because reconstruction of their equipment is a time consuming process and they need enough time to become ready to fulfill their commitments.

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