Today: Monday, April 22, 2019

South Korea Helps Iran in Industrialization

South Korean Ambassador to Tehran Kim Seung Ho underlined that his country is determined to help Iran in the industrialization process throughout the world.

Mehshekan: according to FNA, "Seoul supports Iran in industrializing technology," the South Korean envoy said.

He added: South Korea is trying to broaden its cooperation with Iran through exchanging visits by the two countries' senior officials.

He pointed to the good relations between the two countries, and expressed the hope that the seminar would expand technological cooperation between the two countries in the area of ICT.

In relevant remarks in early June, Kim called for the further expansion of trade relations between Seoul and Tehran.

"Iran is the main supplier of crude oil to South Korea and without Iran's oil, Korean economy will be shaky," Kim said.

The South Korean ambassador said that when the new president takes office in South Korea, there would be no changes in trade policy concerning Iran, adding, "Our mutual cooperation will be promising in the new government."

"Our strategy for development of ties with Iran is based on restoration of trade relations, which were decreased to less than one third during the unilateral sanction imposed against Iran by the West," Kim added.

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