Today: Friday, May 24, 2019

New Era of Financial Relations Between Iran and France

Mehshekan:  In a joint session between Iranian officials and the executives of 14 French companies, the Minister of Roads and Urban Development announced a $70 million loan granted to Iran by the French government for renovation of transport systems.

According to MNA, the joint session of the Iranian Ministry of Roads officials and France’s Secretary of State Jean Baptiste Lemoyne with the investors and executives of French companies took place at the Ministry’s office on Wednesday.


Upon hearing the proposals of French executives, Akhundi Minister of Roads and Urban Development said: “fortunately, the meetings between Iran and France have developed into continuous talks and the number of contracts involving the two countries are increasing; now, the only important issue that remains is the financing of these projects.”


As stated by Akhundi, negotiations with France’s government concerning finance have led to an agreeable solution in the form of treasury loans regarding which Paris will present a clear proposal to Tehran.


Akhundi says the document of the loan has been signed by Finance Minister of France and delivered to Iran by Jean Baptiste Lemoyne which marks a new era of financial relations between the two nations.


Akhundi voiced optimism that the negotiations between governments and banking systems of the two countries lead to positive strategies and added “we expect that European countries support European companies to actively participate in Iran’s market.”

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