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Mehshekan is an informative, educational and analytical media in the field of automotive industry and vehicle spare parts that tries to provide professional news and automotive information to the readers in Iran and all over the world.

Meanwhile mehshekan is a multimedia that provides news and information via its website, mobile apps and other digital technologies.

Mehshekan has specialized facilities for gathering news all over the country by its local reporters and Journalists.

Mehshekan Website

Our website was started in Ordibehesht 1396 and provides news and information to the readers 24 hours a day.

Mehshekan site covers a broad range of parts and subjects including: home, news, vehicle spare parts, technical knowledge, need-to-know information, latest information, images, videos, reports and analytic subjects relating to automotive world.

In addition to these, subscription form is available through printing so that the valued readers and viewers can easily write their request and become our subscriber.

Mehshekan is a suitable website for automotive industry activists to advertise and introduce their products to the aimed society.

Mehshekan is an independent media that acts under the supervision of the Islamic Republic of Iran laws and regulations. All rights are reserved.




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